OGC Member Registration Instructions

In order to receive OGC Member discounts, OGC Members MUST follow the below instructions:

  1. Log into the OGC Web Portal, then select *My Account* in the upper right, then the *Event Registration* tab, or go directly to:


  2. If this is the first time you have visited this area you will see instructions to click the button to *Create Registration Account*. Once your Portal account is tied to the OGC Storefront, you will be able to register directly from this tab for this and all future meetings.
    • If you are in the portal and you see the storefront asking you for Username and Password, your account has lost its sync:
    • All you need to do is click on the "change password" in your "My Account". You are welcome to reset the password to your current password, it does not need to be changed, you'll just need to enter the password in the three boxes and submit.
    • Click on Event Registration again and the portal should log you into the store.
    • NOTE: This might also be necessary if the store has you logged in, but is not allowing you to use the Coupon from the Portal. Just reset your password and try again.
  3. If you want to register and pay full price, you can proceed to the OGC Storefront pane and select the meeting (proceed to the next step). Should you want to use your OGC Member discount (this is preferred), go to the Member Coupon Code Registration pane. You will see a list of "open" events that have OGC Member discounts available. You can click the drop downs below the table to see more information about Membership Coupons and a list of already reserved codes for your organization.

    Please remember that once a coupon is "used", a registration is not transferable. To utilize your OGC Membership discount, click the *REQUEST CODE* in the table. You will receive an alert confirmation, and then an alert message. This can be closed, and you can then continue to the OGC Storefront pane (your Coupon Code will be available for you in the table on the left for you when you need it during registration.

    Please note that your Coupon will not discount the Reception costs of the registration.

  4. In the OGC Storefront, you will click on the Meeting link, then review the meeting information, selecting the appropriate attendance selections (or products to add to your shopping basket). You will need to add the meeting type to the cart, then the Reception, then View cart.
  5. After reviewing your cart, please ensure you have some type of meeting attendance AND a reception item in your basket if you will be attending it.
  6. You should cut and past the Coupon Code from the left pane in to the Coupon Code input box in the shopping cart and "Apply to order" (if appropriate), then *Checkout".
  7. In the Checkout, we will need your Contact information (First and Last Name, a Badge Name, if different, and Organizations) and Billing Address Information (even if you cost is free), and Credit Card information (if you cost is not free). Sometimes, even with a free order, the system throws a warning that the billing information is not complete. After the warning, the billing information goes away and you can submit as a free order. Then you can review your order and Submit.
  8. You will receive an email confirmation/receipt, or you can print one from your Storefront account.
  9. If you do not register prior to the cut off date for each meeting, we will impose a $50.00 on-site registration fee. This is intended to encourage you to register early enough for us to plan for room set up and catering. If you show up without registering, you are imposing an extra burden on our Hosts, Sponsors and Working Group Chairs as they plan according to the registration lists. If you forget if you have registered, you can always go to your My Account => Event Registration and check your orders in the Storefront (*My account* this time, then Order history).
  10. See you @ the meetings!